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remember me?

3 months later… I have an offer to study medicine at Oxford University!!! Had the interviews just over a week ago and got the good news yesterday by post. The most emotional weeks in my life have passed. Doubting myself after a prior rejection and spending every night hoping, wishing. Can’t believe it’s finally here. … Continue reading


Forgot to tell you I’m done with my UKCAT: 720- quantitative reasoning 600- verbal reasoning 820- abstract reasoning 850- decision analysis. Onto BMAT now.  

The fine line

Sometimes you find yourself getting that little bit too much caught in your goals. Feeling empty and selfish for wanting more for yourself, for spending too much time working hard and thinking about the future. You want to help others but know that to neglect yourself even a little would be malignant. At first you’re … Continue reading

walk jog run

Wow I’ve never truly appreciated the Internet Community until just now. Back from a run – forced to take my little brother with me by my mum- I realised how much I missed being fit and stumbled onto a website called http://www.walkjogrun.net . Here I’ve found hundreds of different running routes AROUND MY HOUSE. That means there … Continue reading

Exams in SUMMER.

Oh yeah, that’s right, not only will I be fasting this Summer thereby reducing my social life to ashes I also have an upcoming exam.

Let the Summer begin…

HELLO EVERYBODY. After a little sabbatical from blogging I am backkkk. Today was my last day of school for the academic year. Another year gone. I keep forgetting I’m only 16 or rather find it hard to believe I’m STILL 16. Surely I should be 18 by now. Looking back at my previous blogs – … Continue reading

Anything for attention

I’m not ready. I’m not ready for life. I just want to be  a child again. When nothing phases me. And if it does, I can hide behind my mum for protection. When my personality is assigned to being a child and not analysed and judged. When I don’t understand that I just can’t do … Continue reading


My life’s a mess. I feel scared to do anything. I don’t want to live the house. I want a cotton ball cocoon. But that’s not real life. Extrapolate …what does that mean> do I not want to live???> do I need therapy. I feel the overwhelming need to cry. I get this feeling a … Continue reading


You ever get that feeling that you’re not moving anywhere? No forward, no back, no up or down. Those dreaded moments where ‘any direction’s good so long as you’re moving’ doesn’t apply. These are the days when you drown in day-time television. And THAT my friends, I’m pretty sure, is lethal. Nothing calls for suicide … Continue reading

Alcohol kills.

You see yourself from above. As if you’re on the ceiling. And you look different. Much different to what you expected. Your unshaven face is congealed with the blood that has travelled from what remains of your stomach, you having lied in that same red puddle for days. For DAYS, noone realised anything had happened … Continue reading